Most gymnastics classes are expensive.
Ours are not.

As former gymnasts and gymnastics coaches, we recognized that there is a huge void in the gymnastics world. Most programs are not an ideal fit for families because they are either difficult to afford, lack in quality instruction, or are hard to get to because of location.

Minneapolis Gymnastics was created to fill that void and provide high quality, fun and affordable access to gymnastics within the city. We have highly trained and experienced instructors teaching specially designed curriculum that covers a wide array of skills and disciplines. The curriculum is designed to be adaptable to the skill level of each child, enabling us to include students with unique needs and disabilities. We proudly serve students of all emotional, behavioral, and physical capabilities!

Our goal is to holistically invest in the kids of Minneapolis, and help them build skills that will last a lifetime! We strive to invest in our city by investing in its kids!


We love gymnastics and we can’t wait for you to join us!


We strive for gymnastic instruction that is safe and rich in fundamentals. Our instructors have a combined 22 years of gymnastics competition and 18 years of coaching. Our curriculums are written to promote holistic growth. We aim to teach both the physical body, but also promote mental, social, and emotional health.


We want to provide opportunity for kids to try tumbling and gymnastics without the typically high price tag. We purposefully price our classes to be accessible to more families in the metro area.


We want kids to enjoy their experience, have fun, and burn off some energy! We aim to provide fun in a safe, worry free environment.




Nicole grew up in gymnastics starting at 9 years old and competed for 10 years. She has coached for a total of 9 years throughout high school, college and grad school. Nicole has enjoyed coaching everything from preschool classes to high level competitive gymnasts in Wisconsin and Minnesota. She has missed being active in the gymnastics world, and has loved getting started with Minneapolis Gymnastics!


Jess started competitive gymnastics when she was 7 years old. She started coaching when she was 14 years old to help offset the cost of her competitive gymnastics career. Jess retired from competitive gymnastics in 2010. She returned to the sport in 2014 as a full time coach in the Twin Cities. After taking a different position away from the gymnastics world in 2017, she has been itching to return to the sport in some capacity. Minneapolis gymnastics is just the venture she was looking for!  


We offer multiple class options organized by age and skill level. 

These half-hour classes offer an age-appropriate introduction to gymnastics. Each class works on stretching and flexibility, basic gymnastics form, and beginner gymnastics skills. Classes run all year round, even during the summer months, giving you a fun and affordable outlet for your kids during their break from school!


Want to get started in the middle of the month? No worries. Your first month of classes is prorated and you only pay for the number of class weeks that you have the opportunity to attend!

Preschool (ages 3-5)

Our Preschool classes are perfect for kids 3-5 years old to work on motor coordination and learning the basics of gymnastics. Each week we will work on skills including forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels and walking on the balance beams! These fun classes work on gymnastics skills and overall motor coordination!

Rec 1 (ages 6+)

Our introductory classes are a great way for kids to learn the basics of gymnastics! Each week we will work on skills including forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels and walking on the balance beams! These fun classes work on gymnastics skills and overall motor coordination! This is a great class for kids who have never tried gymnastics or who have very little experience in it!

Rec 2 (ages 6+)

The intermediate classes at Minneapolis Gymnastics build off of the skills that kids have learned in the introductory classes. We practice new skills such as walkovers and roundoffs. This class is perfect for kids who are already able to do a handstand and cartwheel!

Pre Team (ages 5+)

Our pre-competition team is a class that allows students to start working at higher level skills with the intent to join the competition team in the future! We have a lot of fun as we learn new skills and start preparing for competition! Want to learn more about our competition team? Contact us!

Every month.


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"Fun and interactive activities for all age levels."



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