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How do I register?

To find a class that is right for you, click on the "Classes" header at the top of our website. Once you have found the class that best fits your needs, click on the “Register Now” button under that class description.


This will take you to our Family Portal, where you will create an account and finish the registration process.


If you have questions about which class is right for your student, send an email with your student’s age to and we will recommend an appropriate option for your student!


Can I register my student in the middle of the month?


Yes! You can register and join at any time!


If you would like to join in the middle of the month, we will prorate your first month so you only pay for the number of classes remaining in that month. When you create an account, our system will recognize that you are new to our program and will automatically prorate your registration at checkout! After your first month, your enrollment will automatically roll from month to month so you don’t have to re-register every month!


Do you have a multi-class discount?


Yes! All of our classes are priced as follows:


All half-hour long classes: $50/month+tax

Each additional half-hour long class in the same month: $45/month+tax


All 1-hour long classes: $90/month+tax

Each additional 1-hour long class in the same month: $85/month+tax


Team classes (4 hours/week): $200/month+tax

Each additional sibling: $115/month+tax


Do you have a sibling discount?


Yes! When enrolling multiple students from the same family, each additional sibling is $5 off per class! We do this in hopes that the cost of our programming can be attainable to all and that siblings have the opportunity to take classes with each other!

Ex: When signing your family up for classes, student #1 will pay full price, while students #2, #3, #4 will pay $5 less per each class registered for.

How do I drop classes?

Drop requests are due via email to by the 15th of the month to be done with classes at the end of that same month. We will email you back with confirmation information once we have updated your registration.

At the Gym

At the Gym:


What should I wear/bring to class?


Please wear comfortable clothing, such as a leotard or a t-shirt with either shorts, sweatpants or leggings. To ensure class safety, we ask that clothes are close fitting and cover the midriff. We recommend bare feet during class, but socks are optional. Hair long enough to fall into eyes must be tied back before the start of class. 


Personal items should be left in cubby holes upon arrival to class.


Feel free to bring a water bottle! We also have drinking fountains available.


The MPLS Gymnastics staff will not be responsible for ANY items that may be lost or stolen.


When should we arrive and pick up?


Arrival: Please be sure that your student arrives 5 minutes before his/her scheduled class time (no earlier please). Escort your student into the building to keep them safe in the parking lot. Bring your student to the check in line where they will be checked in for their class by a coach.


Pickup: Please arrive back to the gym 5 minutes prior to the end of their class ending time. Please pick up your student on time. During peak times, our parking lot can get very crowded, so we ask that you always escort your children to your car. Please drive cautiously in our parking lot to ensure safety! Thank you!


Can a parent leave during class?


Yes! If you would prefer to leave and do other things during your student's class, you are more than welcome to. We ask that you return 5 minutes prior to  the end of class time to pick up for your student so that the coaches can attend to the next class.


We understand how valuable a little extra kid-free time can be as a parent, so we encourage you to take advantage of this option if it helps fit your needs!


Can families eat while in the gym?


Families can eat while in the seating areas of the gym, but food and drink (including water) are never allowed in the gymnastics area. If a student needs a drink of water during class, we ask that they go and get a drink from the drinking fountain or from their water bottle which is left in a cubby upon arrival to class.


If you choose to eat at the gym, please be sure that your student has time between eating and the start of their class time so that they never enter the gymnastics space with food in their mouth.




When will I be billed for the classes I am registered for?

Class tuition will be charged on the 1st day of each month. Class payments are month to month, so you will never have to pay for more than one month of tuition at a time.

How often will I get billed for classes?

All of our classes are rolling enrollment and not session based, so billing happens every month as opposed to quarterly or yearly. We do this to keep our class options flexible, and for new students/families to have the ability to join when it is convenient for them!

Does the cost of my registration change if there are more or less than four class days in a given month?

No! Class tuition remains the same every month, even if the number of class days is not equal to four. We do this to ensure that our class pricing remains easy to understand and the amount will be predictable when your account is billed on the 1st day of the month. The number of class days in a month evens out throughout the year, with some months having more or less than 4 class days. You can be sure that your class will always be running on the day of the week that you signed up for. The only exceptions to this are for a scheduled holiday break (which will always be announced ahead of time) or due to weather or other unpredictable factors, in which case you will always be notified.

Make Up Ts

Make Up Tokens:

Make up tokens are issued in the case of all unplanned gym closures. If your class is canceled, you will receive notification of a make-up token to be used within one year of the canceled class.


*We do not issue make up tokens for other types of absences.


For step by step instructions on how to redeem your make up tokens, see the next FAQ.


How do I use my make up tokens?

Please schedule make up classes at least 7 days in advance so that we have time to ensure our classes are staffed appropriately.

  1. Locate your student’s profile on your MPLS Gymnastics account.

  2. Choose “Make Ups” under the name of the student you wish to use a token for to access the tokens available to you.

  3. Choose the date on which you wish to attend your make up class.

  4. All age appropriate options available on that date will appear.

  5. Choose the option you prefer, and click the “Use Make Up Token” button.

  6. That token will now appear in the “Pending Make Up Tokens” category.

  7. You are now all set to attend your make up class! :)


You can also use a make up token to attend an Open Gym! :) (Student's ages 3yr to 5yr must have a parent attend on the gymnastics floor with them for safety).


Please note: To redeem a Make Up token for an Advanced level class, please find a class day and time that works for your family's schedule and then email with the day and time that you prefer and we will sign your gymnast up for you!


If you have any trouble with scheduling your tokens, please reach out and we'll do our best to help! :)

Still have a question that hasn't been answered?
Please send us an email and we will be happy to help!

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