Our Story

As former gymnasts and gymnastics coaches, we recognized that there is a huge void in the gymnastics world. Most programs are not an ideal fit for families because they are either difficult to afford, lack in quality instruction, or are hard to get to because of location.

Minneapolis Gymnastics was created to fill that void and provide high quality, fun and affordable access to gymnastics within the city. We have highly trained and experienced instructors teaching specially designed curriculum that covers a wide array of skills and disciplines. The curriculum is designed to be adaptable to the skill level of each child, enabling us to include students with unique needs and disabilities. We proudly serve students of all emotional, behavioral, and physical capabilities!

Our goal is to holistically invest in the kids of Minneapolis, and help them

build skills that will last a lifetime! We strive to invest in our city by investing in its kids!


We love gymnastics and we can’t wait for you to join us!