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Preschool Prep

Give your little ones the perfect blend of fun, fitness, and learning

with our dynamic Preschool Prep program!

Designed specially for children ages 3-5, our program offers a unique and stimulating environment where kids can develop physical skills, cognitive abilities, and social confidence. 


The Preschool Prep Program uses a combination of MPLS Gymnastics curriculum, arts and crafts, small group and independent activities, and basic academic preschool instruction, in the hopes that our students will be able to transition into preschool, kindergarten and beyond with ease. This 2 hour and 45 minute program focuses on making learning fun in the familiar & exciting atmosphere of MPLS Gymnastics. Preschool Prep runs year round on Monday-Thursday mornings from 9am to 11:45am, including during the Summer months!

Location: South (4038 Bloomington Ave)

Ages: 3-5

Choose an option:

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When registering, simply select the days that you wish to attend Preschool Prep and add them to your cart. The price at checkout will automatically adjust to the price seen above as you add days. ​


Register and join at any time! If you start mid month, we will prorate your first month! All of our classes are rolling enrollments with autopay.​


*We require that all children who attend Preschool Prep are potty trained.

Our Teaching Philosophy:

The Bank Street Approach


The Bank Street approach is play-based, active learning through experience. This program was also developed based on child development research, with a focus on mental, social, emotional, and physical growth. Classroom materials are basic and open-ended to encourage imagination, and the teacher is seen as a facilitator. Lessons happen through hands-on activities like puzzles, blocks, art, dramatic play AND gymnastics of course!


Why choose our Preschool Prep Program?

Expert Instruction:

Our highly trained instructors are passionate about working with young children, creating a safe and nurturing space for them to explore and learn skills at their own pace.


Fun-filled Curriculum:

We believe in the power of play! Through a variety of age-appropriate curriculum, activities, & games, we keep our little gymnasts engaged, entertained, and excited to come back for more.


Developmental Benefits:

Gymnastics is not just about flips and tumbles. It helps develop motor skills, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and body awareness, laying a solid foundation for future sports and physical activities.


Social Interaction:

Our program encourages teamwork, cooperation, and communication, helping children build social skills, make new friends, and develop a sense of belonging within a supportive community.


Confidence Boost:

As children conquer new challenges, master gymnastics skills, and receive praise and encouragement from our instructors, their self-esteem and confidence soar, setting them up for success in all areas of life.

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Do you have any questions about our programming?

Please email Ms. Kayla at

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