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Would you like to be on our team?

At Minneapolis Gymnastics, our mission is to serve the people of our community by providing quality and accessible gymnastics instruction that is designed intentionally for the holistic growth of each individual.
Our team is made up of incredible people who want to change the lives of young people through the sport of gymnastics!  

What do we look for in a coach?

- Love of people!
- Desire to serve others
- On mission to make a positive impact
in the lives of each individual we encounter
- Desire to teach and help others learn

- Quality character
- Dependability/Consistency
- Good communication skills
- Someone who wants to have

What makes the gym a great place to work?

- We serve and form relationships with incredible kids and their families!
- We have great people on our team!
- Flexible schedule setup (hours committed to) and work consistency
- At-work perks
- Staff events 
- Health benefits and PTO (for full-time team members)

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