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Adult Gymnastics

All genders, all ages 18+, no experience required!
Available at: All locations


We have two program options:

  1. Our NORTHEAST location is home to our Open Gym & Beginner classes on Tuesday/Thursday.

  2. Our SOUTH location is home to our Adult Team practices on Monday/Wednesday.

NORTHEAST GYM - Tuesday & Thursday - 7:05 - 8:05pm


Tuesdays - Open Gym
This class would be a good fit for you if you competed in gymnastics as a child and want to get back into it, or have been doing adult gymnastics for a while and are interested in working on particular skills and goals. There is absolutely no minimum skill requirement to attend, but as an open gym it is more self-led than the Thursday Beginner class. After a group warm-up and introduction, you can move around the gym to events you want to work on, and the coach can watch you and give tips and spot to help you improve! There is an optional (but super fun! ;)) group conditioning in the last 10-15 minutes of the class.


Thursdays - Beginner Class
This class is for adults who haven't done gymnastics before and would like to be taught something new or work on gymnastics basics (body shapes, rolls, cartwheels, handstands, pullovers, beginner skills). You are also welcome to come with goals, like "I've just always wanted to learn a cartwheel!" No experience required for this class! The coach will lead class participants through a warm-up, a skill focus, and then gymnastics conditioning.


Tuesday open gym and Thursday beginner class is registered for online per class:
Price: $15/class
+tax, or buy 3 and get the next one free with promo code: ML3
(put four dates/classes in your cart for checkout, then enter the code at checkout and you'll get $15 off the total).
 When registering online, you will find these Tuesday/Thursday offerings in the NORTHEAST location options. Make sure the website header is PURPLE, and if it isn't, you can change locations in the top right corner of the webpage! (See image below)

Pre-registration is highly recommended, and we encourage all new participants to come about 10 minutes early so we can show you around if it's your first time!

SOUTH GYM - Monday & Wednesday - 8:05 - 9:05pm

Adult Team

This is a monthly class with an aim towards skill building and eventually routine creation! We have a competition team that has no age limits, so if you have a desire to compete in gymnastics still or again, come join us! We do in-house, very low-key meets or "showcases" throughout the year to keep us motivated and give us a chance to show friends and family what we've been working on in gymnastics! There is no skill or age requirements (other than 18+), and also no competition requirements. In other words, you CAN participate in this team but not sign up to compete or ever "take the stage" with a routine if you don't want to!


Monday/Wednesday team class is paid for monthly and is $45/month+tax for one class day per week or $85/month+tax for both class days per week. You can register for Monday class and/or Wednesday class. There is a discount for two days per week!


When registering online, you will find these Monday/Wednesday offerings in the SOUTH location options - make sure the header of the registration page is BLUE, and if it isn't, you can change locations in the top right corner of the webpage by clicking on the location icon!

(See image below)



Email with any questions you have about the Adult Gym programs at MPLS Gymnastics,  or click the "Register Now" button below to get started!

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