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We offer a wide variety of class options organized by age and skill level.

Each class works on stretching and flexibility, gymnastics form, and skills appropriate to that class level. Classes run all year round, even during the summer months, giving you a fun

and affordable outlet for your kids during their break from school!


Want to get started in the middle of the month? No worries. Your first month of classes is prorated and you only pay for the number of class weeks that remain in the month! 

All of our classes are rolling enrollment and not session based, so billing happens every month as opposed to quarterly or yearly. We do this to keep our class options flexible, and for new students/families to have the ability to join when it is convenient for them!

Click below for a full list of all of our class options and times!

Parent Tot

Ages 1-3

Mom and me.jpg

Beginning Preschool

Ages 3-5


Advanced Preschool

Ages 4-6 (Coach Referral Only)


Beginning Youth

Ages 6+

Pre Team.jpg

Intermediate Youth

Ages 6+

rec 2.jpg

Advanced Youth

Ages 6+ (Coach Referral Only)



Ages 5+


Adult Gymnastics

Ages 18+


Open Gym

Ages 6+

IMG_1724 (1).JPG


One 30 minute class a week


Half-hour Classes

Untitled design (1).png

Each additional 30 minutes

of class time a week



One 60 minute class a week

Each additional 60 minutes

of class time a week



1-hour Classes

Untitled design (2).png

Team Classes

Two 2 hour practice

sessions a week


Each additional sibling



Make Up Tokens

Make Up tokens are issued in the case of all unplanned gym closures. If your class is cancelled,

you will receive notification of a make-up token to be used within one year of the cancelled class.


For more information on how to redeem a Make Up Token, click here.


*We do not issue make-up tokens for other types of absences.

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